HCSC 2018: Session 5 Recap

Session 5 was the cherry on top of the summertime snowboarding sundae on Mt Hood. Signature Session™ Pros Joe Sexton, Louif Paradis, Justin Fronius, Danimals and Tommy Gesme joined were there for the last week on hill and neck braces were highly coveted because these dudes were turning heads all week long. Although the campers did step in and take the spotlight from the pros during some of the many on-hill events the Signature Sessioners™ put on, such as the front-board-off and the high ollie contest. 

Featuring: Luke Winkelmann, Marcus Rand, Louis Paradis, Joe Sexton, Tommy Gesme, Chris Grenier, Denver Orr, Brendon Rego, Mike Rav, Ari Morrone, Harrison Gordon, Red Gerard, Liam Doyle, Shaun Murphy, Desiree Melancon, Alex Caccamo, and Max Lyons

Filmed by : Brent McCarron, Miles Perreault, Kyle Hart Murray, and Devin Bernard

Edited by: Brent McCarron