Cold Comfort | A Super 8 Film

Laurenz Haunschmidt´s Cold Comfort will make you want to strap your board and hit the powdery slopes. With mostly Super 8 shots in it, the short film has a dreamy feel to it that's for sure !

Here's what they had to say about it :

"Another season. Another Format. Super8. Cold Comfort.
I liked the idea of not knowing how the shot turned out until you get the developed film back. This slow process brings me a lot of joy.
It also allowed me to spend the winter with friends, filming each other without much hassle. This is what snowboarding is all about for me."

With Herby Thaler, Julian Wiesinger, Laurenz Haunschmidt and Gabor Abonyi.

Presented by Nitro Snowboards and L1 Premium Goods.

Music by:
Babe Ruth
Broken Cloud (2022 Remaster)