Dawn of the Village x Put it in the Bowl

It may not have been another year for Holy Bowly at Sunshine Village, but that didn't stop them from creating an alternative killer park set up, this time for 'Dawn Of The Village'! The 'Put It In The Bowl' dudes made sure they were there in numbers and spent quite some time riding the set up every which way possible.

Featuring Geremy Guido, Tommy Van, Bryce Bugera, Teilhard Volk, Aiden Hryciw, Finn & JJ Westbury, Stefan "Taco" Alvarez, Gregor Zed, Mike Ruddy, Jack Cherniawsky, Mathew Wonbon, Andy James, Jack Lawrence, Brett Mills, Landon King, Marty Vachon, Kale Hill.

Filming/Editing - Liam Hall