November Edit

When you bust out 40hr work weeks and manage to craft an edit in the streets before lifts even begin turning, it's gotta be something you put in the bowl. These dudes know no limits!

"Filmed during the month of November before any lifts had started turning, and mostly on Saturdays, Geremy Guido, Aiden Hryciw, Tommy Van, Bryce Bugera, Teilhard Volk, Death Hixon, Malcom Eppinger, Micheal Rowan, Brayden Kirby, Mathew Wanbon & Dan Pandzic put it in the bowl."

Supported by Capita, Union, Billabong, VonZipper, 32 & Stance

Filming - Liam Hall - Corey Kowalski
Editing - Liam Hall