Daydream Walk Away - Full edit

Glad that the spirit of Think Thank still wonders through the mind, eyes and mouth of DVD Bonus. This is "Daydream Walk Away" and it shreds

As Jesse puts it: "Make a a vid...put it out."

Music byJesse Burtner, Christina "Pika" Burtner, Nicolae White 

Snowboarding and skateboarding  by Jesse Burtner, Brandon Reis, Pika Burtner, Micah Hollinger, Scott Stevens, Chris Beresford, Ted Borland, Matteo Soltane, Brendan Sullivan, Naima Antolin, Tim Stanford and Ollie Burtner.

Filmed by the whole crew above and Al Grogan, Tim Zimmerman, Ely Campeanu and Colin D Watt.