Slumber Party at The House of Reis

Thank god, the Think Thank spirit is still alive and well! This short ripping film is the online proof of it...

Brandon Reis, aka The Backyard Boarder, invited a bunch of Lib Tech Rippers to set up shop in his house and personal DIY shred park for a few days of no holds barred creative snowboarding. The crew went ALL IN  devouring the yard like a bunch of freestyle termites! Jeep, snowmo, pond, tubes, rocks, rails, boxes, Box Scratchers, head scratchers and hammers; welcome to the Slumber Party!

Starring: Brandon Reis, Katie Kennedy, Phil Hansen, Matteo Soltane, Lily Clabrese, Al Grogan and Jesse Burtner

Cameras: Ely Campeanu, Al Grogan, Ted Borland, Jesse Burtner, Brandon Reis, Matteo Soltane

Presented by Lib Tech

Brandon Reis using his sled both as a "speed maker" and an obstacle
Katie Kennedy frontside "car" ride
Jesse Burtner with a nosegrab tail scrap