Dropping In - Krush Kulesza

Journey deep enough through the snowboard universe, and you will, sooner or later, find yourself drawn to a mystical place - Holy Bowly. At Holy Bowly, you will find Krush Kulesza, a man in the pursuit of constant radness. A wizard-like figure, both in terms of his appearance and also his aura. Loved, but also feared. A man whose presence you find yourself drawn to, but not one whose displeasure you ever wish to experience. Bowly is a place where respect is valued above all else, so don't be fooled into thinking that attending once will guarantee attendance again. We dropped in on Krush during the 10th edition of this legendary event at Sunshine Village, Banff. Peep the clip to gain some insights into the Snowboy Productions mastermind.

Film, Edit & Photo: Theo Acworth 
Action Footage: Sean Lucey, Stantech