DVD videos // Volume 8 - GÉNÉPI

For this one Victor decided to pay a tribute to a French Alps tradition of shredding, having a cople drinks and then go shred again. Check out this cool edit full "Génépi" style!

"In this 8th episode, I wanted to showcase a family tradition close to my heart : the making of Génépi, the iconic Alpine drink, with both my grandparents. Every year it’s a special time, where we turn an iconic mountain plant into a « happiness potion » together. It’s a great time, where we get back to our roots in every way, while having fun. Just like snowboarding & powder, it’s a drink meant to be shared and enjoyed with friends.

That trippy happiness potion and our family story inspired Anth Film friends to make a snowboard story around it.

I hope you'll enjoy the video as much as I did making it, & a special thanks to Maison Daviet and my awesome grandparents for making the magic happen. "

Production : ANTH FILM
Direction & Filming : @Nathan.Saillet /& @Sapey.W
Stars : Papi Roger & Mamie Michèle
Snowboarders : Victor Daviet, Tim Baisamy, Paul veron and Mathis Bozzolo 
Label Design : @Matt_Georges

Supported by:

@salomonsnowboards @mammut_swiss1862 @the_roster  @pag.nkw @spyoptic @Avoriaz1800_officiel

Spot : @Avoriaz1800_officiel & Le Salon Français