'Fasten Seat Belts' Russian Movie - Teaser

Straight out of the streets of Russia, 'Fasten Seat Belts' is a short movie ABOUT street snowboarding in Russia, directed by riders Egor Mamaev and Filipp Ananin and supported by DWD, Fix, Howl and Sailor.

The whole crew went to Kirov (Egor’s hometown) to document their snowboarding vision and film some crazy tricks on creative spots. They then continued their journey in Saint-Petersburg to hit up more spots. Fasten Seat Belts movie is to have its own original format. Egor and Filip show that they can ride as well as film and edit a movie with this one. This fall you can check out their new style of filming and unique production.

Riders: Fillipp Ananin, Egor Mamaev, Filipp Ulianin, Alexander Osokin, Artem Smolin, Vadim Taran, Alexander Bragin, Valentin Ivanov, Konstantin Berezgevski.