Bad Plans 4 - Back in the Streets

The Bad Plans crew had no project planned for 2019 but mid January they figured it was time to start filming something. Andreas had too much work to do, so Markus took control together with Haakon and Krish. Some more homies joined in and this resulted in their fourth street flick! It's fair to say when this lot decide to film, they go all in.

Filmed in Oslo and Trondheim, January - March 2020.

Kristoffer Lerånd
Markus Rustad
Haakon Eilertsen
Samuel Ærø
Martin Henriksen
Jørgen Formo
Andreas Grong

Filmed by all the above, and:
Amin Klungseth
Martin Strøm
Fredrik Perry
Jeff Holce
Håkon Haslum

Drawings by Tyler Metzger.

Edited by Markus Rustad.