FAT & FURIOUS Full Party Movie

It's a double video part from the brothers, Theo & Abbe. Here is what they had to say: "We've always been snowboarding and filming together, and this year we felt that it was time to make a full movie. But instead of just making regular full parts, we wanted to combine them. This is the double full part, or as we call it the "Full Party".
Together with No Budget Production, we chased the snow through Northern Scandinavia for two months to make this project happen. It's been one year of hard work to get all of this together, and we couldn't be more proud how the whole thing turned out."
Special thanks: Appertiff, Hollywood.se, Neff

Producers: Abbe & Theo Hjellström, No Budget Production
Film: No Budget Production
Edit: No Budget Production
Actors: Abbe & Theo Hjellström
Special Guests: Niklas Mattson, Nils Arvidsson