Flo Corzelius's FLOW PROJECT - Full Movie

Sebastian Madlener and Flo Corzelius present Flow Project, an all-lines snowboarding short movie following Flo and friends. It's simple, less one hit wonders more flow, hitting muliple spots through the streets, park and backcountry. That's more like it.


Flo Corzelius
Ethan Morgan 
Simon Pircher 
Raffael Kossmann
Joris Doorn 

Filmed and edited by: Sebastian Madlener 

Additional Filmers: Theodore Muse, Lukas Ellensohn, Michael Schatz, Ethan Morgan, Nejc Ferjan, Simon Pircher

Supported by: Salomon Snowboards and Volcom Outerwear

Music in order of appearance: 

"King City" performed by Slow Season 
"Peyote Blues" performed by Joy 
"Schwäbischer Messias Pt. II" performed by Goissa Charlie MC
"Daydream" performed by M.RUX
"Blackbird" performed by Gene Austin

Thumbnail shot by: Theo Acworth