Forrest Shearer x Jones Snowboards

Jones Snowboards pro team rider Forrest Shearer has ripped more turns on the Hovercraft than anyone else on the planet. Shearer’s boots have been glued to the Hover since it debuted in 2010 as the board’s nimble compact shape is a perfect match to his hard charging “tight loose” riding style.

The brand presents two Forrest Shearer Signature Series Hovercrafts. This limited edition series includes specific sizes of the Hovercraft 2.0 solid and the Hovercraft 2.0 Split. Both models feature graphics designed by renowned artist Geoff McFetridge.

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The shape, flex and profile of Shearer's signature Hovercrafts are the same as the standard Hovercraft models. The only material difference between the Signature Series and standard Hovercrafts is that the Signature Series models feature an Eco-Plastic topsheet instead of a Flax topsheet.

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Forrest worked with renowned artist Geoff McFetridge to design his signature graphics. McFetridge is a multi-disciplinary artist whose paintings, drawings, sculptures, animations and graphics have been featured in galleries and on consumer products around the world.

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Explore Shearer's Signature Series:

Filmed and Edited by Brandon Kuzma 
Still Photography by Frankie Carino 
Artwork by Geoff McFetridge