Funky Snowboards - The Funky Week

The FUNKY WEEK! an appointment in which all the riders who have sworn honor and loyalty to the Holy Funky Crown, gathered to shred the most stylish locations in the Alps: Livingo, Corvatsch and Laax, to the sound of tricks and ignorant parties!

"It’s with great pleasure that we present the recap of that week carved in our hearts like a high school vacation, where the most daring won the Ignorance Award. In our hearts we hope that all this will soon be feasible again, so with this release we promise to do soon what we love most, SNOWBOARDING WITH OUR CREW!"

Feating: Elio Fumagalli, Nicolas Huber, Roope Rautiainen, Gianmarco Maiocco, Nicolino Dioli, Nicholas Bridgman

Production Mob: Alavaro Vogel (Truecolors) ,Isacco Mantegazza, Nico Pezzato, Andrea Piras

& friends: Guia Cleps, Valentina Fara, Maca Taiz Valle