HCSC 2018: Session 3 Recap

Session 3 held nothing but bluebird skies and beach weather for the campers and guests. Signature Session™️ Pros Ben Ferguson and Pat Moore stopped by for the week to rip up everything the parks had to offer and teach the campers a lesson in style. The folk brave enough to compete in Airblaster’s SKOLF snowboarding challenge put on quite a show. Everyone was pulling maneuvers far outside their comfort zone. Now half way through the summer, but it feels like they're just getting started!

Featuring : Gabe Ferguson, Green Bean, Ari Morrone, Al Grogan, Sean Neary, Brandon Kirkland, Alex Caccamo, Liam Doyle, Red Gerard, and Ben Ferguson

Filmed by : Brent McCarron, Tyler Orton, Jacob Howell, Miles Perreault, and Kyle Murray

Edited by : Brent McCarron