HCSC 2024 : Capita & Union Signature Session™ Recap

It's no surprise that the Capita and Union team came in full force for their Signature Session™. The parks were point and the team took full advantage of it. Special thanks to everyone that made this session happen. 

Featuring Ellie Weiler, Austin Vizz, Stewart Tulane, Brendan Sullivan, Miles Fallon, Jack Coyne, Truth Smith, Benny Milam, Dagan Schwartz, Kaleah Opal, Katie Kennedy, Noah Genzink, Antonio Astillero, Jess Perlmutter, Ryan Sihler, Max Warbington, Kaden Rusinko, Cody Hyman, Joey Fava, and Tosh Krauskopf

Filmed and Edited by Colin Woodward 
Additional Filming by Arlan George