Horsefeathers - Ruka Trip

At the end of past season, in late spring, the Horsefeathers crew consisting of Petr Horák, Zoltán Strcuľa, Måns Hedberg and Antti Jussila went to Finnish resort Ruka. A serious road trip; 36 hours in the car, 2.750 kilometres, 10 food and beer stops and 0 killed reindeer. After this journey, they arrived at Ruka and spent an awesome seven days riding everything they could find. Difficult to describe the vibe with words, so better if you sit comfortable, put the volume up and hit play.

Music credits:
Troka - Klockar Alexanteri
The Vivisector - Sunpowered Surfboard
Phil Reavis - A walk in the Woods // WM Recordings //
The New Valleys - More Than Life