Journal Presents BLOOM - a short film by Lionel Moerch

Snowboarrding is so fun, and for that it can also be risky at times, espescially when you're in the streets trying to stack clips. This project took it close to the edge for one rider, but the show wasn't over. 

"Our homie Maveric almost died because of a terrible & traumatic slam on his head while filming for this project.
The movie talks about the ups and downs we've been through after that...
Fortunately after 3 months at the hospital and serious brain troubles, Mav was finally back with his big smile, bringing all of us up. He directly talked about finishing our project. A winter later, we brought out the cameras again, went to Finland and closed that chapter finally.
Like flowers, we bloom again."

Directed by Lionel MOERCH

- Maveric RIAL
- Eliot GOLAY
- Lionel MOERCH
- Romeo WICHT
- Chris ROWLEY
& friends
- Thibaut PORTNER
- Martin LAESSER

Filmed by:
- Lionel MOERCH & the crew
- Additional filming by Lou STAUB

Edited by:
- Lionel MOERCH
- Drawn animations by Eliot GOLAY

Supported by:
- West Snowboarding
- Levitation Shop

With the precious help of:
- Matt ROUILLER / Levitation
- David LAMBERT / West
- Lou STAUB / Escape Video
- Ahriel POVICH / Whiteout
- Manweneedacam
- Melvin RIAL / Grimace
- Rosemonde
- La Buvette
- Vincent BAPST
- Elliot MAIRE
- Olavi