KENTAUR - a short film following Dimi Shubin

"KENTAUR - a project following the riding of Dimi Shubin, that was filmed for 30 days, exploring the streets of Minsk, Dimi's hometown in Belarus. Dimi managed to film together with his friend Dima Dudaryonok, but Dima got injured at the beginning of the season, and was only able to help with building the spots, so the riding became solo. That's why he name the project "KENTAUR".  They have a local word KENT - that means friend (KENTZ - means friends), so a play on Centaur turned into KENTAUR. 
Enjoy Dimi filming in the streets in his own way, with his own interpretations and expressions. You can also find a full article with Dimi about this project in our Method Mag Issue 23.2 out now.

Video: Vlad Sknarin
Additional filming: Dima Dudaryonok, Vlad Struz
Photo: Vlad Struz, Vlad Sknarin

Here's a couple of pages from the article in issue 23.2 out now. Make sure to grab a copy to read the full story.

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