LAPS4DAYS VOL.4 - Joonas and Pals at Talma

Round 4....FIGHT! Joonas back in the Talma ring for some more fire laps!

"In short, since I moved to Helsinki in 2016 and started hot lapping Talma, LAPS4DAYS has been my annual little side project. Previous years I've filmed it mainly during the last couple days of spring but last winter I decided to carry my HVX with me and take it out from the bag whenever it felt right, despite the weather, light or snow condition. In case you haven’t heard of the place or visited it, it’s basically a skate plaza on snow, a lap from top to bottom taking about a minute including the lift ride, which goes right next to the park with a perfect view to watch your homies ripping it, lap after lap." - Joonas

Riders in order of appearance:
Joonas Eloranta
Axel Thelen
Mikael Larimo
Tuukka Korhonen
Petrus Koskinen
Joel Pircklen
Miska Pennanen
Rasmus Rönkä

Assistant filming by: Tuukka Korhonen

Song: "1000 Whispers" by Warmduscher