Laps4Days2 at Talma

It's back once again LAPS4DAYS the sequel and another tribute to Talma Ski Resort. This time the crew spent two late-March days (=Talma prime time) to film the park and shot whoever was down to film. If the concept is not familiar to you, LAPS4DAYS 2.0 is a video series that Jonas Eloranta and Anton Stennabb created two years ago and plan to keep producing at least one episode every year. That’s the least they can do for they label 'the best ski resort in the whole universe' in return for the unlimited hot laps! It's a banger!

Riders in order of appearance:
Tatu Toivanen
Joonas Eloranta
Jonathan Begley
Eero Ettala
Janne Yah
Joel Pircklen
Joel Ahola

Filmed by Tuukka Korhonen

Edited by Anton Stennabb

Thank to:
Death Label
Stinky Socks
Union Bindings

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