'Lord of the Ropes' Comp At Trollhaugen

On Friday night Feburary 23rd, a significant portion of Midwestern snowboarding's royalty, encompassing past, present, and future generations- faced off in an event like no other. They amass under the nighttime lights at the legendary Trollhaugen Resort, just 50 minutes north of the Twin Cities. The chosen displayed their shred superiority honed on the ropes of the Midwest in head-to- head battles of skill, style, and consistency. They were judged by their fellow riders in a contest format comprised of a line of features. Only one prevailed as "Lord of the Ropes" with a handsome purse of 2,000 dollars. Here's a recap of some of the highlights from warm ups, head to heads, and the finals.

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Stephan Jende
Evan Pierce

Riley Erickson
Dan Pergrin

Edit by Dan Pergrin

Song - Mortal Bones by The Well