Method TV: LAAX to the MAAX

It's Friday and we got a party for you! We are not actually in any club, we are just riding at Laax with the homies. The place is basically one of the funnest places on earth for a snowboarder. We spent quite a bit of time over there during the past weeks and got some shots with various people riding pow, park and the BEO. Riders that show up in the edit include Tor Lundstrom, Alek Oestreng, Markus Keller, Yura Rudchik, Max Sibiryakov, Max Tikhonov, Roma Papa, Joos Caviezel, Robin Van Heel, Joelle Juchli, Max Buri, Mary Luggen, Jesse Augustinus, Kevin Backstrom plus some industry heads. Enjoy & act a fool this weekend! (We apologize for the music ahead of time:)

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