'Wet Hair' - David Djite and Friends at LAAX

An all terrain short film following David Djite and his friends trough their season in Laax. Covering the full spectrum of snowboarding from sharp carves on the slopes, deep turns in the powder to urban spots on the Crap Sogn Gion.

David Dite, Lars Popp, Kevin Backstrom, Leo Eigensatz, Hitsch Haller, Tor Lundstrom, Max Buri, Nicolas Müller, Severin van der Meer, Lou Staub & Florian Fischer

Music by:
Wet Hair - Fame Hate (wethair.bandcamp.com)
Watson - I never make ends meat (soundcloud.com/watson42)
Bleary Eyed - Chopped just fine (blearyeyed.bandcamp.com)

Filmed by: Mathias Wittwer, Lukas Blume Rösli & Lou Staub
Directed by: Mathias Wittwer
Produced by: Laax