Miles Away - Teaser

Sometimes we all desire to be far away from our comfort zone. We think that we don’t need to be necessarily so far off to feel miles away from the daily life. We are used to travel in such fast rhythm that we almost forget to have a closer look at what is surrounding us. It’s possible to travel deeper, slower with an open mind.
In the past two years this crew of friends explored their home area/mountains deeper than before and definitely found what they’ve been looking for: Enjoying the moment and feeling far away.

A movie by Daniél Niederkofler, Marc Grossgasteiger, Mario Kaeppeli and friends.

Dropping this December.

Riders: Thomas Enk, Marc Grossgasteiger, Daniél Niederkofler, Jonathan Feichter, Grant Giller, Bernhard Kraxner and friends.

Music: Rolled Together - The Antlers