MTN x DNA With Mark Sollors

Welcome to episode three of our new web series, MTN x DNA,  where we explore the roots of some of snowboarding’s finest talents. In this episode we feature Mark Sollors, another all-terrain vehicle from interior British Columbia who has built a prolific and long-lasting career on a smooth style and unflinching nerve.

A product of Kelowna, B.C., Sollors got his introduction as many others do - through his brothers. His school had a program where one day a week they’d bus students to the local hill, Big White, for a day on the mountain. But there was a catch: no one was allowed to snowboard if they were under grade seven. Mark had already gotten hooked on boarding, and decided he’d rather drop a ski and ride down on one than be another damn two-planker! As he puts it, “it was snowboarding or nothing,” and he has charged forward on that mantra ever since.

Get comfortable, pop a top and take a deep dive with one of Canada’s smoothest operators.

We will be dropping a new episode every Monday of May. Stay tuned!