MTN x DNA With Mikey Rencz

MTN x DNA is a new series produced by Method and Monster Energy to take a look into the snow pedigree of the Monster Snow team and how they got to where they are today. First up we have longtime Burton ripper and Squamish loc-dawg Mikey Rencz. Mikey’s been boarding since just after he could walk, and over the last couple decades he’s established himself as one of the most pro, most stylish people in the backcountry of British Columbia and beyond. You name a popular jump spot in BC, and there is a good chance Mikey has shut it down. What’s more, anyone that has been out with him compliments his experience and how enjoyable it is to be around him. His video parts - from standout segments in Defective and Whiteout movies, to his cuts in Burton productions like 13 - will be praised long after he is done sending it and his impact, influence and guidance carries on with the legions of next-gen rider’s he’s guided through BC’s hallowed halls.

We will be dropping a new episode every other Thursday. Stay tuned!