NOW IS NOT A GOOD TIME - full movie

"Now is not a good time." is a very insightful 16mm Snowboard documentary about Carlos Garcia Knight's relationship with snowboarding during very serious personal life events. It's a beautiful snowboard movie that also makes us think about the importance snowboarding can have during tough times.

Filmed between Japan and Aotearoa by Izrayl Brinsdon

"It’s never easy being young and losing a parent, I think it makes you grow up pretty quick.

When I met Carlos he was going through that turbulent time figuring out what had happen and how he plans to move forward. It was nice to be able to film with him during this time.

Respect to Carlos and his family for taking me in like one of their own over the past couple of years and everyone else I got to meet along the way.

In memory of Javier Garcia Perea and Tony Brinsdon."

Izrayl Brinsdon