Pink Dollar Possy - Performance

It’s not too often that you encounter the phrase ‘queer as fuck’ in a snowboard project proposal, but that’s exactly what we found ourselves reading after opening an email from Casey Pflipsen a few months ago about the upcoming Pink Dollar Possy video. The language was direct and the graphics were loud, and the video absolutely delivers.

"Instead of B-Roll clips of us throwing back beers, it might be clips of us twerkin' that ass" - Casey Pflipsen

It's taken a while, but snowboarding is finally opening up and becoming a more diverse and welcoming space. Given strength by the interviews and content from Torment's Pride Week in 2020, Casey and Elias Lamm are forging their own space with the Pink Dollar Possy. Made by queers and starring queers, 'Performance' is a video like no other. You'd best believe that they're only just getting started.

The message is clear - The game is changing

Pink Dollar Possy is a queer snowboard crew, here to claim our own Pink Dollar. The movie Performance was made by queers staring queers, season 2020/21. 

Staring Casey Pflipsen, Elias Lamm, Jeff DeForge

Edited By Elias Lamm

Featuring Sierra Forchheimer, Alexis Roland, Charlie Folkert, Collin Maynard, JibGurl ,Blake Lamb Chaney Gilmore

Filmers: Elias Lamm, Casey Pflipsen, Dan Pergrin, Spencer Nelson, Jeff DeForge, Collin Maynard, Steve Lauder, Cam Weeg, Filmer D Keegan Tank, John Rapinac, Mckinley Cutter, Hunter Murphy, Sam Sosnowski, Chris Duncan,

Special Thanks Mariah Crabb, Tanner Pendleton, Josh Tranby, Sierra Forchheimer