Pipe Lines 2023 by Snowboy Productions

The Snowboy Productions crew hosted their second edition of "Pipe Lines" in Mountain High, CA. A real steel and transition playground on the sunny slopes that will make you want to strap in... Here's a glimpse of what went down over three days in January.

Filmed and edited by Andrew Percival.

Additional filming by Trevor Slattery, Daniel Salazar & Thomas Haraden.

Riders in order of appearance: Irie Jefferson, Andrew Brewer, Casey Pflipsen, Myrie Metzger, J DeForge, Paul Romero, Michael McDaniel, Niall Noel, Tyler Aubrey, Melissa Evans-Gray, Laura Rogoski, Jesse Paul, Mike Gray, Johnny Hancheck, Hunter Butler, Nick Guin, Dilyn Tillie, Ian Sams, Levi Kaseroff, Ryan Pluche & Kolman LeCroy.

Made possible by the support of Mountain High, Arbor Snowboards, Liquid Death, Dragon and Diecutstickers.com.