PMS - Northwave & Drake Women's Team Edit

"May we finally present the Northwave and Drake Women’s division. We are a team of fighters, all eager to give the snowboard world a kick in the ass. We come to shine light on all those who have put us behind the spot light, those who have ignored us at photoshoots, contests, parks and wherever there was an event. All of us have something to say, all of us have something to show. I’m glad and proud to announce that PMS isn’t just a condition, it’s almost a statement. Stay tuned and get a glimpse of what is yet to come" - cit - Chiara Grisorio

- Paula Benito
- Veroniqi Hanssen
- Federica Scampoli
- Sophia Scroll

Filmed by:
- Chiara Grisorio
- Federico Grego
- Alex Stewart

- Alex Stewart

- Need a lover - Dani Jalali

You can go check out the 2022 womens collection of snowboards, boots and bindings that the girls used in this video at -