Point Of Beau 2.0

So Beau Bishop duck taped a camera to his head last winter to film this 11 Minutes of POV footage to give us a good insight of what he saw and experienced along the way. It's also a really good way of filming your mates without having to totally give up your run...just shred as normal and watch them! You would think in this day and age he'd just get a GoPro with a head mount? 

Anyway it's featuring a load of rad riders such as Scot Brown, Derek Molinski, Jody Wachniak, Chris Rasman, Matt Bezile, E-Man Anderson, Joel Loverin, Logan Short, Brooke Voight, Robjn Taylor, Rube Goldberg, Colin D. Watt, Dustin Craven, Rusty Ockenden, Phil Jaques, Ben Bilocq, Erik Gelling, Trevan Salmon, Adraon Buck, Wiley Tesseo, Andrew Burns and Dave Craig.