RAD Movie Production 'CHOICE' Full Movie

Your life is made of choices. The choice to get out of bed, ignore the alarm clock or throw it out of the window is one of the earliest in daily business. More substantial, the life choice to either find a nice job, go to college or constantly crash on your friends' couch will shape your whole lifecycle. Moreover choices to treat nature with respect may have an impact on nature and the planet of earth.

Through the movie Choice – RAD Movie Production wants to lead you to the most crucial comprehension that each and every one of your choices leads consequently to a reaction coming back on yourself or the world as a whole. So you have to choose wisely which reactions you want to provoke.

STARRING: William Arnold, Yannick Imboden, Pierre Clivaz, Jonas Zbinden, Roberto Zumstein, Ariana Bellwald, Tim Basler, Markus Stoffel, Valentin Zimmermann, Matthias Schwestermann, Jannick Jungo and Friends
EDITOR: Janis Perren