Videograss: Half Off Teaser

There is a lot coming out of the videograss familia, this is just the half of it!...

HALF OFF! Half the crew, half the price, twice as good! If you are wondering where the Rendered Useless crew has gone, well most of them have come here mixed with some of the guys from Videogracias. This is our fall offering...enjoy

Movie coming your way middle of October on DVD and iTunes.

Brady Lem, Cole Navin, Colin Wilson, Jesse Gouveia, Jordan Morse, Jordan Small, Layne Treeter, Mammouth Durette, and Riley Nickerson.

Supported by:
DC, Lobster, Active, Stepchild, Howl, Ashbury, Holden, Snowboarder Magazine, Leader Winch Co., 686

KEEP YOUR EYES OUT FOR OTHER VIDEOGRASS PROJECTS IN THE WORKS, WE GOT THE ADIDAS "3 A.M." MOVIE FEATURING Tommy Gesme, Derrek Lever, and Alex Sherman HITTING THE WEB THIS FALL, AS WELL AS OUR EXTENDED RELEASE COMING OUT THE END OF JANUARY 2017 FEATURING: Jed Anderson, JP Walker, Joe Sexton, Jeremy Jones, Spencer Schubert, Alex Cantin, Chris Bradshaw, Benny Urban, Mark Wilson, Zak Hale, Jake OE, Justin Fronius, and Jake Welch