Rusty Toothbrush - 'Project Hijinks' Full Movie

Here is the latest video project from the Rusty Toothbrush crew and to define it's name, Hijinks [hahy-jingks], you'll get 'Unrestrained fun', which sums up this video pretty well. They tried not to take things too seriously last winter, just making sure they had a laugh before anything else, and it definitely looks like it turned out that way. They got to travel around with their friends doing what they love, what more can you ask? Staring Alex “Peppino” Stewart, Davide Boggio, Dusan Kriz, Jacob Roberts, Jake Simpson, Joe Simpson, JJ Rayward, Tyler Chorlton and Valerian Ducourtil.

Filmed & Edited By:
Joe & Jake Simpson

Additional filmers:
Francesco Zoppei
Federico Grego
Jakub Myska
Myrionymos “Mojo” Baikouzis
Thibaut “Pom” Pomarat

Federico Grego
Michael Prouza

Sponsors: Drake/Northwave, Man & Wolf Beer and Bataleon