Sūrreal Full Movie

Sūrreal is a film project created by a group of european, female snowboarders. The movie is based on the idea that snowboarding is "surreal", and yet "so real" at the same time. In the foreground is the idea that an objectively given external reality does not exist. Instead, everything conceived as real is a manifestation of one's own subconscious. Dreams, nightmares, desires and illusions serve as inspiration. Snowboarding is put into a different perspective that leaves behind the disenchantment of the sport caused by an increasing focus on performance. 
What is real and what is a deception?

Make sure to check out the full feature in Method Mag - Issue 23.3!

Produced by Surreal Film
Edited by William Graham

Sophia Schroll
Pili de la Cruz 
Mary Luggen
Lea Baumschlager
Tini Gruber
Sarka Pancochova 
Maria Kuzma
Celia Petrig 
Giulia Bottazzin 
Valeria Bartual
Babs Barnhoorn

Sponsors: Volcom, Nidecker, Eivy, Protest, Anon, Deeluxe, Gnu, Gopro, Thule