Salomon Snowboards at Laax Pleasure Spring Session 2017

A group of hungry Salomon Ams got together last weekend for the annual Pleasure Spring Session to celebrate the end of season at Laax. Salomon gave the keys to the car to Flo Corzelius, Max Buri, Raffi Kossmann, Johan Nordhag, Jeron Lohner and Sebi Springeth, and let them loose at Laax for 4 days of park ripping and some good ol’ fashioned partying. With Flo and Buri in change, they did just what everyone thought they would do, rip, drink, and repeat, all with a ton of style. Enjoy!

Filmer / Editor: Marco Morandi @marco_jhonny_morandi
Music: Zac Marben @zacmarben / Song: Hard Day