Scandalnavians 2 - Ludvig Billtoft Full Part

The last but by all means not least full part from the Scandalnavians 2 Movie comes from the mega ender part of Ludvig Billtoft! You wouldn't have guest Ludde is still just an AM rider after watching this part. It's just on another level of rad, from the streets to the backcountry. We can't wait to see what Ludde comes up with next as his snowboard career excels but for now we're happy to have this full part on repeat! 

Supported by Nitro Snowboards.

Music: "The One" - First Hate
"Blåkulla" - The Hanged Man

The full movie is presented by Monster Energy.
Sponsored by: Airblaster, Horsefeathers, K2, Lobster, Nitro, Rip Curl, Rome, Salomon, Vans.

Watch the full movie HERE

Cover photo by Daniel Bernstål.