Sparks - Äsmo delights with Wolle Nyvelt

A film by Andreas Monsberger and Wolfgang Nyvelt about to Passion of gliding on Snow and its Inspirations. Aka, the legend that is Wolle blasting the backcountry on his Salomon and Äsmo pow floating creations along side a collection of friends including Steve Gruber, Travis Rice, Beckna, Werni Stock and more. Sometimes strapped in, sometimes flowing free and footloose! This is dreamy.

Filmed and Edited by Andreas Monsberger

Directed by Wolfgang Nyvelt and Andreas Monsberger

Sound Design by "BRX" Christoph Apfalter

Color Grading by Florian "Cepten" Bauer

Supported by Salomon, Billabong and Absolut Park