Local Surroundings - Full Movie With Werni Stock & Friends

A Snowboard movie filmed in Austria Exclusively. Powder jumps, freeriding, Penken Park Action and a stunning Sunset Kicker Session at Zillertal Arena feat. Werni Stock, Mario Wanger, Tom Tramnitz and Friends.

Produced & Directed by filmaker Julian Pintarelli and snowboarder Werni Stock
Film & Edit by Julian Pintarelli

Starring: Werni Stock, Tom Tramnitz, Mario Wanger, Tini Gruber, Benny Wetscher, Laurenz Haunschmidt, Georg Huber, Alex Walch, Wolle Nyvelt and Thomas Beckna Eberharter.

Music Supervision by
Midnight Music - Florent Chronie-De Maria
& MusicBed