SRD's Full Movie - Twist

A whole lot of things can get twisted over the course of a winter...

We've seen the build up over the social media waves with killer clips being dropped in anticipation for the full release and well, it doesn't let you down! These up and comers from the Canadian based crew SRD went all out in the streets last winter finding new spots, new features and making it look damn good to ride them. This is worth chilling out for 25mins and watching from start to finish.  

Featuring Lucio DM, Kennedi Deck, Tom O'Reilly, Phil Trifiro, Finn Westbury and JJ Westbury.

Additional riding from Kyle Larson and friends.

Edited by Finn Westbury

Supported by Salomon Snowboards, Capita, Union Bindings, Dinosaurs Will Die, Salmon Arms, Riders On Board and Beaver Wax.