Stay Basket Presents Byen Er Vår

Is there a better day to watch Simon Houlind, the Jah'est of them all, and his homies full bake the streets in their latest video 'Byen Er Vär'? Perfect to watch with a fat chiller this one. Simon explains, "When we first thought of making this movie I was sitting together with Tobias, Andreas and Rasmus. We hadn't been riding that much together in a long time and we missed filming and shredding for a whole winter again.
So we talked about making a street movie that would be as cheep as possible, since most guys didn't have any budget for the winter. we planned out some trips to Oslo where we lived at Tobias and Jessi's place. During those days we ended up filming together with Jakub "shymonkey" and Endre who both where living in the same house, also we invited other good homies who was hyped to join on missions like Didric, Oivind and Will that joined for different amount of time. The focus was just to have fun, ride street and don't be too serious about anything. Hope this inspires more people to go ride some street on any level. Stay Basket."

Didric Lothe
Endre Brynildsen
Jessi Blackwell
Simon Houlind
Jakub "Shymonkey" Simunek
Tobias Himmelstrup
Tyler Metzger
Will Smith
Oivind Fykse

Filmed by: Andreas "Shred" Jacobsen, Jakub "Shymonkey" Simunek, Mikaela Persson, Mikael Jørgensen, Rasmus Nielsen, Simon Houlind, Tobias Himmelstrup & Will Smith.

Edited by: Simon Houlind

Additional editing: Rasmus Nielsen, Tobias Himmelstrup