The L.A River Fucked My Liver Tour Vol.5

The L.A River Fuck My Liver Tour, started in 2013 were the gang traveled across Europe, with TRAINSPOTTERS "the rap duo from Random Bastards Sweden". Since then It has been their mission to keep up to the name and continue the good vibes.
They started out buying a old MC Benz automobile style, and rebuilded it to a 6 meter long, 3 meter high Gang Wagon that got its name PEEINAPOTALOT through some high end discussions on the road. With PEEINAPOTALOT freshly painted by Homie from Clouded Vision 93, and stacked up with the meanest crew: Rasmus Nielsen, Birkir Georgson, Simon Houlind, Jessi Blackwell, Tobias Himmelstrup and Sune Busch they were ready for the road.

They left for Germany, Bispingen and meet up with Anthony Indawoods and Kevin Ignacia for a couple of days camping next to a mini ramp and while riding a legit park. 8 hours later and crossing borders they arrived for the gang meeting at SnowWorld Zetermeer. Boneyard session with a “new” whip on stake, The premiere on Postland Theory “Loose” movie. The first day with the Dutch team was no joke.

After a crazy week, they drove cross country for the SkiDome Terneuzen, where they'd hooked it up with a super creative set up. Jacco Bos and Dijon Janse met up for shred and showed us some good times, and beautiful nature. Going the most south of The Netherlands they arrived at SnowWorld Landgraff, another sick set-up in the waiting, duvets and pillows, and another good ride down the roller coaster. After Simon got broken and Rasmus got Back Lip Smacked by Jessi they drove back to Den Hauge, to celebrate Anthony ́s birthday and to have another Liver Killer.

GroupPhoto-Tim Schiphorst.jpg

Much love to those who helped with the best times:
Snow Dome Bispingen
SnowWorld Zoetermeer
SnowWorld Landgraaf
Skidome Terneuzen
Jacco Bos and Family
Tim Schiphorst - Postland Theory
Clouded Vision 93 - Asger Berliner
And all the homies joining the best time on the tour!