Ästhetiker presents: Friedl Kolar - The Lost Täpes #3

Ästhetiker presents: Blue Tomato team rider Friedl Kolar and his Ästhetiker friends dug through two years of footage to bring you The Lost Täpes #3! From Äsmo Pow-Surfing to classic Backcountry jumps, old men can shred!

The Ästhetiker Crew is a legendary group of individuals who have all been shredding longer than most of our viewers are on this planet. Steve Gruber, Wolfgang "Wolle" Nyvelt, Tom "Beckna" Eberharter, Gogo Gossner, Andi "Mone" Monsberger and Friedl Kolar among many others have not only brought events like the Wängl Tängl, Välley Rälley and more to live, but have also been paving the way for the current powsurfing wave with Wolle Nyvelt's Äsmo Powsurfers. The Ästhetiker crew and especially Friedl Kolar are bringing a whole new way of riding to the mountains of Tyrol and Carinthia, with new tricks and new perspectives.