Svalbard Unplugged - Antti Autti & Enni Rukajärvi

Svalbard Unplugged is a story of two friends, snowboarders and professional athletes exploring the northern islands of Svalbard. 
Their mission is to find the perfect mountain face to fulfil​ their freeriding dreams on. With no connection to the outside world they are free of the modern digital world and all the excessive noise, just to concentrate on​ experimenting the arctic nature and the feeling of freeriding - feeling of freedom.

The short film takes the viewer deep into the wilderness of the Arctic​​​ where polar bears are common but people rare. 
The film also opens up the mindset of our heroes, what drives them from one challenge to the other, and from the international podiums to the nature. It’s a story about motivation and dreams, but also the ​uncertainty that plays an inevitable role in expeditions like this.

Directed by: Rami Hanafi
Co-Director: Mikko Keskinen
Principal Cinematography: Iisakki Kennilä
Aerial Cinematography & 2nd unit: Teemu Lahtinen
Film editor & Colorist: Mikko Keskinen
Music & sound design: Mikko Keskinen

Producers: Antti Autti , Rami Hanafi
Expedition Leader: Anders Bergwall / Arctic Guides
Technical Advisor: Mikael Almert
Polar Bear Safety: Martin Hallen
Snowboarders: Antti Autti & Enni Rukajärvi