The Bomb Hole - Ep 1 with Justin Bennee

The first episode of The Bomb Hole podcast hosted by Chris Grenier and photographer E-Stone features Utah style master Justin Bennee who talks pro snowboarding, drug addiction, Nike, death, hitting rock bottom and rediscovering himself, its a truly inspiring journey. He went from being one of snowboardings elite street riders to an injury fueled drug addiction spiraling down to homelessness and depression only to push himself back up and rediscover not only himself but whats most important in life. His drive and amazing style on a snowboard brought contracts from major brands like Salomon, Nitro and Nike putting him in snowboarding’s spot light, just as he was at the top of his game a back injury had doctors saying he might never ride again, his only hope for a normal life was to turn to pain pills.  He talks about losing long time friend J2 this past year and how he might have witnessed proof of an afterlife. Justin’s amazing story could be just what anyone fighting their own life battle needs to hear to help them say its time to do something about it.  

We look forward to listen to the next Bomb Hole podcast soon.