The Bruners Video II - Full Movie

The Bruners Video 2 is the logic evolution of a crew addicted to satisfaction, friendship and good times. Not only that, it is jam packed with some of the best creative street riding this side of the moon! These boys obviously didn't want to go out and film another standard street movie, they got thinking and started to push the boundaries of how to hit spots in different ways.

Presented by: Pilsner

Supported by: Billabong, Ride snowboards, Empire Boardshop, Fix bindings, Thirtytwo, Vans of the wall, Dinosaurs will die and boutiques Homie's

Featuring: Axel Stall, Al Mailhot, Chris Fellner, Nic Roy, Russ Beardsley, Seb Picard, Vince Grandmaison and many more.

Filmed, realized and edited by: Julien Choiniere
Produced by: Eric Lamothe and Julien Choiniere
Additionnal filming: Mikeal Scremin, Anthony Drolet Tremblay and Ulysse Dubé Burelle.

Photography by: Eric Lamothe and Joseph Roby
Art by: Sasha Royal
Motion graphic by: Jed White