The Crap Show 24 #2 LAAX

When Mia and Emily take a few laps down P60, you can be assured that no rail, box or any kind of obstacle will be left unridden. These two girls kick things off in the latest The Crap Show episode and absolutely rip P60!

We called in Flo, Martin, Patrick and Max for an airtime session at our medium line Ils Plauns, followed by some more jibbing down P60. You've seen these guys here before. You know what they're capable of and yet every time again, they leave you amazed by the amount of style they show throwing down some banger tricks.

Nicolas Müller wraps things up, catching air in the minipipe, where Yung Doli and Stale also swing by real quick.

Riders: Mia Brookes, Emily Rothney, Florian Fischer, Martin Lässer, Patrick Hofmann, Max Bärtsch, Nicolas Müller, Yung Doli & Stale Sandbech

Filmed and Edited by Blume

Music: Heat Is My Middle Name - Carvings // BIG - Deraj // Boom - Team Scene