Vans Snowboarding Presents: Elles

A short film featuring Arthur Longo, made with friends near and far during winter 2021. Arthur has perfected the fine art of flying, no matter if he's just off the side of the resort piste or in the backcountry, Arthur finds airtime like no other. Elles, depicts this in perfect form. If you like to snowboard, you'll love this! Featuring Arthur Longo, Dan Liedahl, Mary Rand, Blake Paul, and more.

Filmed by Jake Price, Harry Hagan, and Olivier Gittler.

Directed and edited by Tanner Pendleton.

Music Credits: 
“Instrumentals Vol. 1 Pt. 3” by Arthur Russel
“It Takes a Muscle” by Spectral Display
"Replace with Grauzone" – Raum
“The Camp” by Trisomi 24
“I So Liked Spring” by Linda Smith