Videograss "Gutterball" Full Movie

VG went into the 2019/2020 snowbowling season ready to rip. They bowled their hearts out dealing with minimal snowfall in all the same cities they have been visiting for the past 15+ years. They closed their eyes and rolled the ball. Sometimes you get a strike, sometimes you get a smooth gutterball. Rather than hold onto what they had they might as well just put it out in it's entirety. So here it is.... no more, no less. 

Featuring: Riley Nickerson, Harrison Gordon, Jacob Krugmire, Kas Lemmens, Zak Hale, Brady Lem, Justin Fronius, Joe Sexton, Ben Bilodeau, and more

Filmed and edited by: Justin Meyer, Chad Unger

Sponsored by: Salomon Snowboards, Monster Energy, Woodward Copper, Public Snowboards